The beautiful Month of Ramadhan…

Salams all…I pray that all my sisters and brothers are well..The beautiful month of Ramadhan is not far away now…Ramadhan is the month I crave and need.  This month, I feel for myself is a spiritual cleanse..and I’m sure others feel the same.  As humans we become so weak spiritually and we need that boost back. It’s a time to reflect too and I feel it also brings the family closer to each other.

I live in a predominantly Muslim area and the sense of community spirit feels so much more alive in Ramadhan.  Everyone is doing the same…everyone is fasting, everyone praying together, everyone turning towards Allah SWT and repenting.  Although Fasting is the main part of Ramadhan it is also a means of getting closer to Allah SWT.

In the UK the fasts will be longer, but Allah SWT gives sabr (patience) to his servants.  It’s just a month out of twelve months that we need to make a few sacrifices and our reward will be very great Insha’allah.

We all need to try and make the most of this blessed month as only Allah SWT knows if we will get to see it again.

I pray you all have a beautiful Ramadhan and also humbly request you all to remember this servant of Allah and also my family in your precious Duas during this blessed month and you all are in mine Insha’allah.



‘You’d think they would’ve cancelled Monday by now’ 

Salams my fellow cooks…hope you’re all well and ready to tackle this week head on..Monday’s *pffft* *sighs* *huffs and puffs* who even loves Monday’s ??!! I guess I’m not the only one who has a Moany Monday…one of my Twitter followers tweeted ‘You’d think they would’ve cancelled Monday by now’ which I wish would really happen and then got me thinking about this blog post.  Anyways first things first though, deciding on what to cook for the family.  My family Alhumdulillah are easygoing and they do enjoy most foods, it’s just certain ingredients they don’t like.  The hubster doesn’t eat cheese 😱 yes that’s right you did read that correctly ‘who doesn’t like/love cheese?’ I hear u all shout…I, on the other hand adore cheese, I eat it raw, chop a huge chunk from the block and munch on it….mmmmm…this makes it difficult sometimes as I love making and eating pies, pastas, lasagnes and casseroles etc loaded with cheese, there’s so many combinations you can have with cheese.  The girls are usually ok , although they do prefer veggie dishes to the meat ones although I don’t mind either.  I try to vary dishes from week to week, we don’t have a set menu which I know some families do have.  I guess this makes life easier.  I’m pretty spontaneous though, I’ll have an idea pop in my head and then I need to give it a go even if it’s on the same day with not enough time or the right ingredients.  I tend to adapt or use alternatives, yes sometimes things do go wrong but a dash of this or a dash of that soon sorts it out.  Gosh this post has started to sound like my CV, anyways what I’ve decided is that over the next couple of weeks I’m going to post some random recipes for dishes from my Instagram page which I’ve made over the last few weeks.  I’ve had requests for them and it’s been a bit hard for me to get round to sending them individually, hence one of the main reasons I decided to start this blog. I’ll try my best to post them quickly but please be patient with me but in the meantime you can always request them on instagram and Insha’Allah I will send them.

Have a great Monday and rest of the week regardless and Happy cooking 😊